Carpe Diem Gear

Resell or Co-Brand with Carpe Diem Gear


Exclusive Resellers

Exclusive Resellers is Carpe Diem Gear/Seize the Day Gear branded apparel or gear made exclusively to be sold in small family-run boutiques.  The items ARE advertised on our website but NOT SOLD on our website.  Traffic is directed to the brick-and-mortar locations.


Do you have an item you would like to co-brand with Carpe Diem Gear? Give us a call and our design team will brainstorm and create something spectacular!

Co-branded items can be sold exclusively in your store or online; the choice is yours.

Have a Better Idea?

If you have more super creative ideas on how to make Carpe Diem Gear more awesome, please contact us and let us know!